Where Have You Been?

I am back from a much needed break from track and field. December through August was filled with multiple track meets per week. I am not going to check but I probably averaged 2 track meets per week, including my own competition… every weekend. If you really want to know what I was doing exactly check out the video below.

I have been on the track still even on this “break” because my track club team trains year-round and our Mater Dei track team started it’s training the second week of July. I am excited to bring some new elements to my blog, videos, and social media. In the meantime please shoot me some emails letting me know what you would like more of and I’ll see what I can do. Hope you guys had a great summer. Let’s get back to this 2017 track and field season

Orange County’s #1 Track and Field Off-Season Training Program

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Join the #1 Off-Season Track and Field Training Program in Orange County for Sprints and Jumps. Led by Keinan Briggs, enhance your ability to start your season on the right foot. On average high school athletes have started season with marks near or better than their personal best and excelled from there. Junior high athletes have seen huge improvements and get the chance to gain experience within the sport, the average athlete has made Varsity as a Freshman when they get to the high school level. These results are not guaranteed however they are what we shoot for as a brand.

Keinan Briggs is one of the top jump coaches in the state. Ca.Milesplit.com ranked his long jump team #2 in CA, triple jump #5, and high jump #7. His detailed experience has helped develop some of CA’s top athletes. If you are looking to improve your talent join today, the 2017 track season starts now. Our official first day of practice is Monday July 18th. Call 714 718 2545 for location.

Summer Track and Field Training (Coming Soon)

12002404_488435451330768_8368583557042184276_o (1)Stay tuned for Summer track clinics and track meets this summer.

CA State Games – LEAP Squad team overnight trip. If you still have the itch for competition join the LEAP Squad track club now and train with our team for the CA state games. I am organizing an overnight trip and competition for out team.

Off-Season Summer Training Camp – for athletes going to college, returning high school athletes, athletes going into high school, and all athletes looking to get stronger and faster the right way. (Starting July 18th)

Track meet on the beach in New Jersey! More info soon.

I’ll hope to have information by Wednesday next week.

2016 LA Jets Invitational – LEAP Squad TC Meet Highlights and Recap

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What a huge weekend of track and field for The LEAP Squad Youth Track Club. This weekend we competed at the LA Jets Invitational which is the one of the top youth track meets in California with over 80 teams and well over 5,000 entries. This meet was new to most of our athletes, 5 of the 6 athletes were competing in their first or second USATF track meet ever; so new I didn’t even have a jersey yet for them.

The track meet started Friday evening with the triple jump were Ben Hepner (15-16 division) leaped a winning jump of 40’6 and new comer Arron Tang (17-18 division) won with his leap of 39’6 setting a new personal best.pizap.com14645866648781

Saturday morning Olivia Chung (13-14 division) woke her legs back up in the long jump with her leap of 13’6 and cleared 4’3 in the high jump. Aaron Tang hit a season best of 18’6 in the long jump. Halle Parker (9-10 division) ran a new season best of 15.15 in the 100 meter dash placing 14th overall in her division.

Sunday Halle Parker (9-10) ran another season best in the 200 meter dash (results coming soon) and placed 2nd overall in the girls long jump with her leap and new personal best of 12’3. Maddie Forbes did a solid job in the long jump working on a new approach jumping 11’8. New comer Allie Nielsen (11-12 division) set two new personal bests; the long jump was 12’2 and killed it in her second hurdle race ever placing first in her heat running 15.89, 3 stepping all the way. Cyrus Faamafoe (11-12 division) leaped 9’9 in the long setting a new personal best and killed it in the 80 hurdles with a time  of 16.24. Olivia Chung finished 2nd in her heat with her time of 16.47  in the 110 meter hurdles which is her new personal best by .3. Ben Hepner won his division with his time of 16.2.pizap.com14645863276222

I am very proud of these kids. We are geared up and ready for our competition in two weeks in our Southern California Association meet. I promise they will have a jersey by then :)

Kemonie Briggs – 2016 Big West Long Jump Champion (7.98m)


You already know my schedule is crazy with track and field but I was able to make it out to my brother Kemonie’s track meet today. Naturally I wanted to give him a pep talk and I had the perfect tip. I looked at his picture from his previous meet where he jumped 25′ and noticed he was in his extension position too early which typically leads to early pit entry. Last night I gave him a call but I knew he had no idea what I was talking about, I could hear it in his voice. Before his competition today I ran into him and explained that instead of extending in the pit for distance, which would lead to landing prematurely, he simply needed to rotate backwards in his extension to adjust his angles which would essentially keep his feet out of the way, a cheat for athletes with tight hamstrings. Well the tip worked and this punk messed around and won! Kemonie jumped 26’2.25 (7.98) which ranks him #3 in the USA. This was my first time watching him long jump and he did amazing. 

Kemonie I am very proud of you and excited to watch expand within this sport called track and field.


2016 Mater Dei LEAP Squad CIF Qualifiers



My 5th season as the head jumps coach at Mater Dei marks a new milestone, with 6 athletes competing in 9 jumping events at the CIF Prelims. I am very proud of all my athletes and excited to show off the abilities of the athletes above.

(From left to right, click names to view marks throughout this season)

Aliyah Forbes (Sr) *University of San Francisco – A durable, all-around athlete has shown great poise and patience. She runs both relays, the open 400, and sometimes 200 and still has a personal best of 37’1 in the triple jump. I have yet to hear her complain about anything. Aliyah is truly positive, motivated, and a great leader.

Matt Lujan (Sr) *Northern Arizona University – Has come into his own in this season. When things don’t go right he lets his aggression out on the next event hitting new personal best in all jumping events.

Dominique Ruotolo (So) A very promising talent who is already showcasing her abilities as a state caliber athlete. Keep an eye out for her throughout CIF.

Jordan Jackson (So) A complete goofball but one of the most focused and coach-able athletes on the team. Jordan is already just shy of 4’ better than last season with the potential for more.

Bianca James (Jr) The sleeper, Bianca has lurked in the shadows behind some big talent the past two years and now has a chance to showcase her ability. She has already improved greatly in the long and triple but has more in the tank.

Taylor Ashmore (Sr)   *Still Undecided – The most consistent jumper on the team with the ability to hit big marks with every jump.

Mater Dei Lady Jumpers Dominate Trinity League Finals



One week after the lower level girl jumpers swept the Trinity league prelims earning all 9 possible medals in the long, triple, and high jump, the Varsity girl jumpers took 7 of the possible 9 medals at the Trinity League Finals. The Varsity girls swept the long and triple and took second place in the high jump.

Sophomore Dominique Ruotolo led the way with her winning marks of 17’9 in the long jump and 36’6 in the triple; she also was the runner-up in the high jump at 5’1. Taylor Ashmore (Sr.) placed second in the long jump with her mark of 17’2 followed by Bianca James (Jr.) with her mark of 17’. In the triple jump Senior Aliyah Forbes leaped 36’5.75 finishing second and Bianca James set a new personal best with her mark of 36’3 taking 3rd place overall.

Senior Maddy Canale set a new personal best in the triple jump with her leap of 35’3 which is a huge half foot improvement on her lifetime best. Unfortunately because of the depth of the Mater Dei jumpers she placed 5th overall, any other league she would have advanced to CIF prelims.

The Lady LEAP Squad is back in action next week at the Division II CIF Prelims in Moorpark, Ca.

2016 Trinity League Prelims – LEAP Squad Recap (Girls)

girls champion

The lower level MD LEAP Squad did an amazing job 2016 Trinity League Prelims. The prelims are a lower level championship for the field events. On the girl’s side we only have a JV division so it’s a little more competitive. All season the girls had to compete. I have about 20 girl jumpers and they all were competing for the 4 spots available in the league championship meet. We were able to grant 2 more “wild card” entries and bring up a couple more athletes.

In the girls long jump Alina Gilbert was the favorite to win and she stepped up and met her expectations with a winning mark of 15’3.75. Right on her tail was Janelle Maglione who hit a huge new personal best of 15’3.25 finishing second. Carissa Adams fouled what I think 2 winning jumps but battled and leaped 14’11.50 on her final attempt taking 3rd and completing the sweep of the JV long jump

In the triple jump all JV girls broke 30’. Maggie Quiroz hit a huge personal best of 31’7 taking 3rd place, Carissa Adams had a huge jump of 31’11 taking second, and completing the sweep Janelle Maglione was on fire with 3 jumps in the 32’ range finishing with her winning mark and new personal best of 32’6.

In the high jump Carson tied her personal best of 4’6 placing her in 3rd. Alina Gilbert and Allyson Camba both cleared their personal best of 4’6 and ended up in a head to head tie breaker. Here’s how it works Carson, Allyson, Alina, and Mehring (from Santa Margarita tied at 4’6) so the first tier of a tie breaker is who cleared the high before the soonest, Mehring missed one attempt placing her 4th. The next tier was over all misses and Carson missed her very first attempt at 4’0 placing her 3rd. Allyson and Alina both were clean throughout the competition. Both Allyson and Alina narrowly missed at 4’8 on their tie-breaking attempt. The bar was then lowered one inch, Allyson leaped over the bar with great clearance. Alina failed to make the bar and Allyson was the outright high jump champion.

With 9 medals up for grabs our MD LEAP Squad girls selfishly took all 9. Now the plan is took keep it that way. Great job ladies.

Official Results via www.prepcaltrack.com


2016 Trinity League Prelims – LEAP Squad Recap (Boys)

2016 lower level champions

The lower level MD LEAP Squad did an amazing job 2016 Trinity League Prelims. The prelims are a lower level championship for the field events. On the Boy’s side we have a Frosh/Soph division and a JV division. All week was prepared the boys mentally and let their bodies rest so they could have a great performance and that’s exactly what happened. In the FS long jump on their first attempts Giancarlo Monge jumped 19’1 taking second place and Titan Ruotolo took first with his leap of 19’4.25, both marks held up as they ran back and forth from long jump to high jump. In the high jump Titan was one height off his personal best finishing with 5’6 placing him second. In the triple jump the energy was all the up. Titan was in search for that 40’ mark but fell short hitting 39’9.50 falling second to Giancarlo’s final jump of 40’1.

The energy was the same for the boys Junior Varsity. In the long jump, Christian Martinez had some huge fouls but settled for a leap of 19’5.50. Anthony DeBono on his final attempt went off like a mad man improving is his personal best to 19’10 on his final attempt after hitting just 18’ on his previous jumps. Anthony and Christian took 1, 2 respectively. In the triple jump after watching the FS boys  jump and Giancarlo break into the 40’ club Anthony DeBono once again hit a new personal best mark of 40’6 on his third attempt. Christian Martinez stretched out on his final attempt hitting 40’2.50. Mike Perez just fell short of his 40’ goal but did hit a new personal best of 38’5.5. Out of 18 potential medals up for grabs our FS and JV each our boys took home 10.

Meet results via www.prepcaltrack.com

Get Your Compex Today – Promotion

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Above is back in 2012 when I was using the Compex daily. The technology has completely evolved.


The Compex is an electronic muscle simulator. It works by sending an electric current to your muscles, contracting the fibers. The human body can only create so much force at any given time, the Compex will always produce that same amount of force without any effort. You place electrode pads on the muscles you want to work, adjust the setting, and let it do the work. The Compex is way more effective than regular weight training. I am mad I caught on to this so late in my career. Compex is rushing the market and I 100 percent back it. Compex has given me a discount code to pass on to you all for today only

Train smarter. Get Stronger. Finish Faster. Recover Quicker. Use my @CompexUSAcode: BRIDGES31 to receive 31% off your order on CompexUSA.com (excludes #Compex Edge device) Code expires 4/30/16 #CompexUSA

My experiences with the Compex

2010 I was introduced to the Compex unit by Rick Stassi while working at Athletic Republic. At that time I was set on hard work and old school training. Rick Stassi, after a few months sold me on trying the Compex for recovery. He told me that the Compex could get rid of lactic acid within 24 minutes after a workout, so I tested it out. I started working out HARD and I was not getting sore. Naturally I thought I wasn’t doing enough. 2 months after not getting sore and using the Compex daily I decided I wasn’t going to use the Compex after a hard workout and boom DOMS set in (Delayed Soreness) I was sore for about a week. I basically lost a week of high level training because I had to accommodate my soreness. I was sold on the recovery cycle.

A few months later Rick tried selling me on the strength side of the Compex. The Compex will target slow or quick twitch fibers depending on the settings you put it on, sounds cool right? Rick told me of a story about some Tour De France cyclists who did this test were they put the Compex on the resistance setting; every 7 seconds it makes the muscle contract for 7 seconds then rest for equal time. These cyclists rode on a stationary bike for only 3 minutes while the Compex was active, a few days later they complained about how sore they were and how they had never been that sore before. Naturally I said to my self I could do that, so I tried it. I actually did the whole 24 minute or so cycle. I felt good then went and did some dynamic movements while the machine was on, not the best idea. I went 3 days with no soreness then I had 8 days of extreme soreness. My quad swelled up and sagged over my knee cap. The soreness wasn’t superficial like most weight training soreness, it was to the bone. I contemplated going to the ER because of the sever swelling. The swelling and soreness eventually went away. But…. after I was able to lunge 100 yards before I could feel a burn, yes I would get tired but no burn. My training increase because I could not get sore.

2010  track and field season I had a 40″ vertical, ran 23 miles per hour on the treadmill, placed 13 in the USA in the triple jump only using the Compex, Rick Stassi’sjump training and  ran on the treadmill at Athletic Republic. NO WEIGHTS AT ALL OR TRIPLE JUMP PRACTICE.


I’ll post another about video the Compex soon. If you have any questions shoot me an email to info@keinanbriggs.com