Maddy Canale Career Progression Mixtape

Maddy Canale

Maddy Canale was an athlete that came out to track her freshman year. She was about 5’3 and tiny. She was not that athletic. She could barely make the long jump pit and not at all for triple jump. A few weeks into season she got sick and missed a track meet then when she got back she rolled her ankle trying to make it into the pit for triple, ugh! Freshman year was a bust.

Sophomore year she came to the summer camp and applied herself to the best of her ability. To be honest, I thought she was going to quit. The summer training really paid off and she added high jump to her events. I want to say she got to 4’4 maybe. She was jumping 28’ by her sophomore year in the triple jump, which is below average for JV.

Junior year she busted her butt again improving in every event. I saw potential by the end of season for her to really be in a good position by senior year to make varsity. Maddy narrowly missed winning league in the high jump by one height.

Summer of her senior year, her mentality was just to complete what she started. I didn’t like that so I spoke with her about it. Long story short I told her she needed to step her game up. I had one spot open for varsity in the high jump but she needed to be jumping at 5’0 and jumping from the 32’ board in the triple. She did and passed my expectations. She finished with amazing marks and earned the Head Coaches Award from Rick Martinez. What an amazing career.

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