Janelle Maglione Is Up For The Challenge

Mater Dei LEAP Squad Janelle Maglione is entering her fourth year with the program. Janelle is one of those athletes that has stayed patient and understands that literally one jump can define your whole career as a track and field athlete and she is right on pace.

“Janelle is one of the most positive athletes on the team, she is an athlete every team needs,” said coach Briggs

Janelle’s impact on the team is huge, she is the person who bring this team together, she organizes team bonding events, and is the first person to motivate any athletes.  On the runway she is quickly maturing and developing. Her sophomore year

Janelle Maglione 2018 Picture by Gene-Leon Guerrero

she was JV league champion in the triple jump (32’6) and jumped 13’6 in the long jump. Last year on Varsity she fell short of making CIF but improved to 34’6 and 15’5. This season she has already hit 33’6 and 14’8 from a half approach.

“I am excited to see how much she improves this year. She is so much stronger and she is technically sound.”  said coach Briggs.

Janelle has qualified for the CA Winter Championships in the triple jump so keep an eye out for her.