Maddy Canale Career Progression Mixtape

Maddy Canale

Maddy Canale was an athlete that came out to track her freshman year. She was about 5’3 and tiny. She was not that athletic. She could barely make the long jump pit and not at all for triple jump. A few weeks into season she got sick and missed a track meet then when she got back she rolled her ankle trying to make it into the pit for triple, ugh! Freshman year was a bust.

Sophomore year she came to the summer camp and applied herself to the best of her ability. To be honest, I thought she was going to quit. The summer training really paid off and she added high jump to her events. I want to say she got to 4’4 maybe. She was jumping 28’ by her sophomore year in the triple jump, which is below average for JV.

Junior year she busted her butt again improving in every event. I saw potential by the end of season for her to really be in a good position by senior year to make varsity. Maddy narrowly missed winning league in the high jump by one height.

Summer of her senior year, her mentality was just to complete what she started. I didn’t like that so I spoke with her about it. Long story short I told her she needed to step her game up. I had one spot open for varsity in the high jump but she needed to be jumping at 5’0 and jumping from the 32’ board in the triple. She did and passed my expectations. She finished with amazing marks and earned the Head Coaches Award from Rick Martinez. What an amazing career.

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Eleven Year Old Triple Jumper Improves 4 Feet With Online Coach Keinan Briggs


February 11, 2016 I received an email from Dave Neheli explaining how he found my YouTube channel and loved the information I share. Dave spoke of his son, then 10 years old wanting to learn how to triple jump but he had no clue on how to instruct the event. Dave said his son Jordan jumped 7.70 meters just missing the bronze medal by only 4cm on his first ever competition. Dave asked me to watch one of Jordan’s videos, so I did. I gave him a few pointers and suggested which videos of mine to really study and watch.

Two weeks later I received another email, “He jumped 8.09m which was good enough to earn him the bronze medal.  More importantly, he smashed his previous best of 7.70m that he achieved a mere 2 weeks prior.”

BOOM! Do I drop the mic now?  No.

We exchanged a few more emails then at the three month mark, another email, “Yesterday Jordan set a new PB of 8.63m (28.3 feet). So in 5 months and 5 triple jump competitions, he’s gone from 7.70m to 8.63m.”

Now do I drop the mic? Nope!

Soon after Dave sent me a heart filled testimonial:

Six months ago I decided to teach my eleven year old son the Triple Jump.  Having been self-taught in my high-school days, I was really only able to give him the basic fundamentals of the event.  Turning to the internet for more detailed training tips, I was lucky enough to come across the YouTube Channel for Keinan Briggs.  Using Keinan’s weekly training videos, I was able to work with my son and implement many new techniques which were both easy to follow & easy to teach.  We started to see a marked improvement immediately.  After only five months and five track meets, my son’s personal best has improved by 97cm (3 feet), with each result being better than the last.  I have also been in contact with Keinan via email, where I have kept him up to date on my son’s progress and he has been kind enough to reply back with words of encouragement and other suggestions on how to keep improving.

In the beginning I was simply looking for a few quick training tips but as it turned out, my contact with Keinan has not only made my son a better athlete but it has also made me a better teacher.  Never turn down sound advice and continue to seek knowledge from those who have it.  My son certainly wouldn’t be the athlete he is today without the help of Keinan and all of his training advice.  For that, we both thank you Keinan!

Dave N.


Now it’s time to drop the mic right? Nah!

Today Dave emailed me a picture of the most excited child in the world stating, “1st indoor meet of the season, Jordan jumped 9.04 meters, smashing his previous personal best of 8.63.”

This kid is only 11 years old! I am very proud of these two. I do what I do to create stories like this, amazing. In 10 months Jordan went from 7.70 (25’3”) to 9.04 (29’7)….


2017 LEAP Fest – Jumps ONLY Meet Information

LEAP Fest 2017 Meet Information


It’s game time! It’s. About. To. Go. Down. OOOOhhhh Who else is excited. I am going to be adding in STUFF over the next several week. Stay tuned by doing two things:

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If you are not in the area to compete but you wish you were, do me a favor and hit that share button. Why? When this is a huge success I am going to have more of them, maybe one near you?

2017 LEAP Fest – A Jump ONLY Track Meet

Here is a quick teaser for the 1st Annual LEAP Fest which is a Jumps ONLY track meet held January 14th, 2017 at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA.

Finally the Long, Triple, and High Jump take center stage. Athletes of all-ages are welcome to compete. I will post new information asap.
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USA Track and Field Closes 8-Year TV deal with NBC


NBC is “the MAN” for the next 8-Years! NBC will show the federation’s key events on its cable and digital platforms. Sources agree this is a HUGE deal for Olympic sports because it will cut USATF’s costs which has reached nearly $2 million a year. This agreement will give us at least 18 hours of live USATF coverage. Events aired will include National Championships, Prefontaine Classic, and the ’20 and ’24 Olympic games, with hopefully more events specific footage.

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Which Cameras I Used to Capture My Videos




Over and over again I have been asked what type of camera I use to capture my videos. Before I had a camera which was amazing. The camera was very easy to use and recorded at 1080p. That camera quickly aged and died. RIP!

I kept getting GoPro slammed in my face so I went to check it out. I saw a deal for the base GoPro for a little over $100. When I checked it out it was a drop off from what I already had, so I did my usual research.

Long story short I found GeekPro Action Camera on I evaluated the camera and it had 1080p/30fps and a back LED display screen which was comparable to the GoPro 3, but the GeekPro was only $60. My mentality was, ‘let’s try this camera out because it’s cheap, if it sucks I’ll look into another type of camera’. I ended up getting the GeekPro Camera, every type of attachment you can think of, and a 64g memory card, after shipping and handling I paid $101! I know right.

The video quality is what you see now. I loved it so much I purchased another which had a remote.

I know most are stuck on “name brands” but I like quality and now I have two cameras to play with for the price of one. The hyper link is for a similar version because they are improving so fast. I hope your experience is as good as mine was.