About Coach Briggs


Keinan has been in the fitness industry for 14 years and has been working with youth athletes since 2005. Keinan officially began working with youth athletes while with the National Underclassmen Combine as a position coach, working with thousands of athletes across the US from 2005-2009. During that time Keinan was introduced individualized youth training while at Club No Mercy which is now Hb Hits (High Intensity Training Studio) located in Huntington Beach, CA. Ower Yo Armendariz opened a new door for Keinan where he excelled and never looked back. 2009 Keinan specialized in group and team training at Athletic Republic where he had much success. In 2012 Keinan was hired on to the Mater Dei track team as the jumps coach and now Keinan is going on his 7th season. In 6 season Keinan has produced just shy of 20 D1 athletes.